Assessment Services

Rocky Mountain Center for Development provides state of the art psycho-educational, cognitive, and diagnostic assessment services for a variety of concerns. Our psychologists have extensive training and experience working with children and teens in school and private settings. This allows us to interact seamlessly with your child’s educational team and to provide recommendations that are appropriate and pragmatic for both the classroom and home environments.

If your school has recommended a learning assessment services evaluation report, your child’s team may be concerned about the possible impact of learning challenges, learning disabilities, attention issues, or social-emotional issues on your child’s learning. Or, perhaps, you are independently pursuing an evaluation due to your own concerns about your child’s educational growth or needs. In either case, we are happy to work with you to develop an assessment services plan that will address your concerns and your referral questions. We utilize a large number of standardized assessment services which allow us to evaluate cognitive skills (intelligence), broad academic achievement, reading and phonological processing skills, social-emotional issues, attention and executive functioning skills, memory and auditory processing skills, and autism.

We welcome your call, and we will walk you through the evaluation process. Rest assured that our goal for assessment is in line with yours: 1) to identify answers to what can often be difficult and complicated questions; 2) to ensure that you understand the findings in plain, simple terms; 3) and to move from test results to the development of a targeted plan including intervention strategies, recommendations, and accommodations, as appropriate.

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What is a Comprehensive Psycho-Educational Evaluation?