Autism Evaluations

Rocky Mountain Center for Development and Milestone Pediatric Therapy Services are excited to partner together to provide Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Autism Evaluations along with follow up services for children and their families. By evaluating cognitive, social-emotional, language, sensory, and motor skills, together, we can provide families with clear diagnostic information as well as strategic recommendations for therapies, home and school strategies, and accommodations.

Call us today to schedule your child’s Multidisciplinary Autism Evaluation with our highly qualified team.

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Here’s what you should expect from this process:

  1. After scheduling appointments, parents will be provided with paperwork packets and questionnaires to complete and bring to the first appointment.
  2. At the first appointment (parent interview only), parents will meet with our historian who will conduct a developmental interview, discuss goals for assessment, and fine tune specifics of the evaluation.
  3. At the first testing appointment, parents and child will be introduced to the testing team, which will be comprised of a psychologist, a speech and language pathologist, an occupational therapist, and/or a physical therapist.  We will review with you the schedule for the day and your child will complete approximately half of the testing.
  4. At the second testing appointment, your child will finish the testing.
  5. Behind the scenes, your assessment team will roundtable and review your child’s results and needs, bringing all eyes and lenses of expertise to your child’s care.  Your team will analyze all findings and produce a cohesive report.
  6. At the final appointment, your team will meet with parents only to review results, discuss next-steps and strategies, and answer your questions.  Your team will provide direction on how to work with school or other providers to best meet your child’s needs.
  7. This ends the formal phases of the assessment process, but your team welcomes your phone call to clarify the report as needed, and will be available to problem solve as appropriate.  Your team will provide copies of the report to other agencies and providers with your direction: for instance, pediatricians, schools, or other therapists.  If you decide to continue to work with any member of our team for services, we will already have the information available and will be able to schedule appointments and discuss options with you at this time.