Educational Consultation and Advocacy

At RMCD we offer educational consultation and advocacy for children and families.

After parents have had their child evaluated (either privately or through their school), they often feel as if they are left with more questions than answers. What do the results really mean? How
do weak scores (or strong scores) impact a child’s day to day functioning? Do we have the right plan and supports in place? There’s no diagnosis, but my child is still struggling- now what? Hiring an educational consultant or advocate can be a great way for parents to begin understanding their child’s unique needs as a learner and advocating for the types of support and services they need to be successful in school. Educational consultation and advocacy is an effective way of helping parents in the following ways:

–By reviewing previous evaluations or psychological reports, an educational consultant/advocate can help parents understand the results of testing, how the results translate to day to day learning, and what services and supports would be beneficial in supporting a child’s learning.

–By reviewing school evaluations and IEP documents, an educational consultant/advocate can help parents understand eligibility decisions, what services and supports are being offered or recommended by the school, and the appropriateness of those recommendations.

–An educational consultant and advocate can support families in understanding their child’s disability and their rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Colorado Education of Exceptional Children Act or section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

–An educational consultant and advocate can collaborate with parents and school personnel to advocate for proper services and accommodations for students with disabilities and unique learning needs.

–An educational consultant and advocate can help with the identification of classroom based strategies, accommodations, modifications, and interventions to improve student outcomes.