Psychotherapy Services for Teens

Rocky Mountain Center for Development offers Psychotherapy Services for adolescents and their families. In an initial phone consultation, we will spend time understanding your needs and general goals for therapy. We will then match you with a therapist in our practice who we believe will best meet your needs and treatment goals.
Our therapists are experienced working with teenagers, and have the skills to build a supporting, trust-based therapeutic relationship in which real progress can be made. In addition, we provide family therapy and couples counseling. When working with children and teens, we are careful to discuss confidentiality with parents and children/teens together at the outset of the therapeutic relationship. We will come up with a plan for how to share information that feels comfortable to everyone.
Our therapists have generalized training as well as areas of specialization, making them comfortable with and competent in the assessment and treatment of a variety of presenting problems. Some areas of specialization within our practice include:
  • Anxiety disorder treatment, including generalized anxiety disorder, OCD spectrum behaviors, and body focused repetitive behaviors (including hair pulling and skin picking)
  • Behavioral treatment of ad/hd and executive function disorders
  • Parent training and behavior management
  • Cognitive behavioral and mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness skills and stress reduction
  • Art therapy
  • Couples counseling
  • Mood disorders/depression
  • Trauma reactions
  • Adjustment to life changes and stressors
  • Adjustment to learning issues
  • Women’s issues and phase of life issues
  • Other mental health and behavioral conditions impacting life functioning
Please feel free to contact us to discuss what you are looking for from therapy. We are happy to spend some time understanding your needs and determining if we are a good fit to help.
Teens may also wish to read our blog article covering frequently asked questions that teens have when contemplating therapy, which can be found here.

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